Shirts from jeans.

About Us

We make shirts from leftover heavy denim fabric in New York City.

What do you mean 'leftover'?

Big companies rarely use all their fabric so we buy their leftover loose ends.

So the shirts are made in small batches?

Yes, you are even allowed to tell your friends your shirt is Limited Edition.

Made in the USA?

Yep, all production takes place in NYC. Our denim is also made in the USA.

Why Shirst

These shirts are fashion typos.

How many styles are there?

16 — Four shapes, each with four colors.

Who are we?

Eric and Zach, not your average fashionistas.

Do people actually buy these things?

Believe it or not, yes. Here are some testimonials.


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Are the shirts unisex?



XS: Very Snug
S: Snug
M: Neutral
L: Large
XL: Big Boned

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